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interface QueryAggregateInterface

Defines a interface for aggregated entity queries.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/Query/QueryAggregateInterface.php, line 8




Name Modifiers Type Description
AlterableInterface::addMetaData public function Adds additional metadata to the query.
AlterableInterface::addTag public function Adds a tag to a query.
AlterableInterface::getMetaData public function Retrieves a given piece of metadata.
AlterableInterface::hasAllTags public function Determines if a given query has all specified tags.
AlterableInterface::hasAnyTag public function Determines if a given query has any specified tag.
AlterableInterface::hasTag public function Determines if a given query has a given tag.
QueryAggregateInterface::aggregate public function Specifies a field and a function to aggregate on.
QueryAggregateInterface::conditionAggregate public function Sets a condition for an aggregated value.
QueryAggregateInterface::conditionAggregateGroupFactory public function Creates an object holding a group of conditions.
QueryAggregateInterface::execute public function Executes the aggregate query. Overrides QueryInterface::execute
QueryAggregateInterface::existsAggregate public function Queries for the existence of a field.
QueryAggregateInterface::groupBy public function Specifies the field to group on.
QueryAggregateInterface::notExistsAggregate public function Queries for the nonexistence of a field.
QueryAggregateInterface::sortAggregate public function Sorts by an aggregated value.
QueryInterface::accessCheck public function
QueryInterface::allRevisions public function Queries all the revisions.
QueryInterface::andConditionGroup public function Creates a new group of conditions ANDed together.
QueryInterface::condition public function Add a condition to the query or a condition group.
QueryInterface::count public function Makes this a count query.
QueryInterface::currentRevision public function Queries the current revision.
QueryInterface::exists public function Queries for a non-empty value on a field.
QueryInterface::getEntityTypeId public function Gets the ID of the entity type for this query.
QueryInterface::notExists public function Queries for an empty field.
QueryInterface::orConditionGroup public function Creates a new group of conditions ORed together.
QueryInterface::pager public function Enables a pager for the query.
QueryInterface::range public function
QueryInterface::sort public function
QueryInterface::tableSort public function Enables sortable tables for this query.

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