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interface EntityStorageSchemaInterface

Defines the interface for entity storage schema handler classes.

An entity type's storage schema handler is responsible for creating the storage backend's schema that the entity type's storage handler needs for storing its entities. For example, if the storage handler is for a SQL backend, then the storage schema handler is responsible for creating the needed tables. During the application lifetime, an entity type's definition can change in a way that requires changes to the storage schema, so this interface defines methods for that as well.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/Schema/EntityStorageSchemaInterface.php, line 21




Name Modifiers Type Description
EntityStorageSchemaInterface::requiresEntityDataMigration public function Checks if existing data would be lost if the schema changes were applied.
EntityStorageSchemaInterface::requiresEntityStorageSchemaChanges public function Checks if the changes to the entity type requires storage schema changes.
EntityTypeListenerInterface::onEntityTypeCreate public function Reacts to the creation of the entity type.
EntityTypeListenerInterface::onEntityTypeDelete public function Reacts to the deletion of the entity type.
EntityTypeListenerInterface::onEntityTypeUpdate public function Reacts to the update of the entity type.

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