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abstract class HttpExceptionSubscriberBase

Utility base class for exception subscribers.

A subscriber may extend this class and implement getHandledFormats() to indicate which request formats it will respond to. Then implement an on*() method for any error code (HTTP response code) that should be handled. For example, to handle 404 Not Found messages add a method:

public function on404(GetResponseForExceptionEvent $event) {}

That method should then call $event->setResponse() to set the response object for the exception. Alternatively, it may opt not to do so and then other listeners will have the opportunity to handle the exception.

Note: Core provides several important exception listeners by default. In most cases, setting the priority of a contrib listener to the default of 0 will do what you expect and handle the exceptions you'd expect it to handle. If a custom priority is set, be aware of the following core-registered listeners.

  • Fast404ExceptionHtmlSubscriber: 200. This subscriber will return a minimalist, high-performance 404 page for HTML requests. It is not recommended to have a priority higher than this one as it will only slow down that use case.
  • ExceptionLoggingSubscriber: 50. This subscriber logs all exceptions but does not handle them. Do not register a listener with a higher priority unless you want exceptions to not get logged, which makes debugging more difficult.
  • DefaultExceptionSubscriber: -256. The subscriber of last resort, this will provide generic handling for any exception. A listener with a lower priority will never get called.

All other core-provided exception handlers have negative priorities so most module-provided listeners will naturally take precedence over them.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/EventSubscriber/HttpExceptionSubscriberBase.php, line 47




Name Modifiers Type Description
HttpExceptionSubscriberBase::getHandledFormats abstract protected function Specifies the request formats this subscriber will respond to.
HttpExceptionSubscriberBase::getPriority protected static function Specifies the priority of all listeners in this class.
HttpExceptionSubscriberBase::getSubscribedEvents public static function Registers the methods in this class that should be listeners. Overrides EventSubscriberInterface::getSubscribedEvents
HttpExceptionSubscriberBase::onException public function Handles errors for this subscriber.

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