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protected function ModuleHandler::buildImplementationInfo

protected ModuleHandler::buildImplementationInfo($hook)

Builds hook implementation information for a given hook name.


string $hook: The name of the hook (e.g. "help" or "menu").

Return value

mixed[] An array whose keys are the names of the modules which are implementing this hook and whose values are either a string identifying a file in which the implementation is to be found, or FALSE, if the implementation is in the module file.


\RuntimeException Exception thrown when an invalid implementation is added by hook_module_implements_alter().

See also



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Extension/ModuleHandler.php, line 563


Class that manages modules in a Drupal installation.




protected function buildImplementationInfo($hook) {
  $implementations = array();
  $hook_info = $this->getHookInfo();
  foreach ($this->moduleList as $module => $extension) {
    $include_file = isset($hook_info[$hook]['group']) && $this->loadInclude($module, 'inc', $module . '.' . $hook_info[$hook]['group']);
    // Since $this->implementsHook() may needlessly try to load the include
    // file again, function_exists() is used directly here.
    if (function_exists($module . '_' . $hook)) {
      $implementations[$module] = $include_file ? $hook_info[$hook]['group'] : FALSE;
  // Allow modules to change the weight of specific implementations, but avoid
  // an infinite loop.
  if ($hook != 'module_implements_alter') {
    // Remember the original implementations, before they are modified with
    // hook_module_implements_alter().
    $implementations_before = $implementations;
    // Verify implementations that were added or modified.
    $this->alter('module_implements', $implementations, $hook);
    // Verify new or modified implementations.
    foreach (array_diff_assoc($implementations, $implementations_before) as $module => $group) {
      // If drupal_alter('module_implements') changed or added a $group, the
      // respective file needs to be included.
      if ($group) {
        $this->loadInclude($module, 'inc', "$module.$group");
      // If a new implementation was added, verify that the function exists.
      if (!function_exists($module . '_' . $hook)) {
        throw new \RuntimeException("An invalid implementation {$module}_{$hook} was added by hook_module_implements_alter()");
  return $implementations;

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