/Drupal 8

interface ThemeHandlerInterface

Manages the list of available themes.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Extension/ThemeHandlerInterface.php, line 8




Name Modifiers Type Description
ThemeHandlerInterface::addTheme public function Adds a theme extension to the internal listing.
ThemeHandlerInterface::getBaseThemes public function Finds all the base themes for the specified theme.
ThemeHandlerInterface::getDefault public function Returns the default theme.
ThemeHandlerInterface::getName public function Gets the human readable name of a given theme.
ThemeHandlerInterface::getTheme public function Returns a theme extension object from the currently active theme list.
ThemeHandlerInterface::getThemeDirectories public function Returns an array of directories for all installed themes.
ThemeHandlerInterface::hasUi public function Determines if a theme should be shown in the user interface.
ThemeHandlerInterface::install Deprecated public function Installs a given list of themes.
ThemeHandlerInterface::listInfo public function Returns a list of currently installed themes.
ThemeHandlerInterface::rebuildThemeData public function Scans and collects theme extension data and their engines.
ThemeHandlerInterface::refreshInfo public function Refreshes the theme info data of currently installed themes.
ThemeHandlerInterface::reset public function Resets the internal state of the theme handler.
ThemeHandlerInterface::setDefault public function Sets a new default theme.
ThemeHandlerInterface::themeExists public function Determines whether a given theme is installed.
ThemeHandlerInterface::uninstall Deprecated public function Uninstalls a given list of themes.

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