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public function FieldDefinitionInterface::getDisplayOptions

public FieldDefinitionInterface::getDisplayOptions($display_context)

Returns the default display options for the field.

If the field's display is configurable, the returned display options act as default values and may be overridden via the respective entity display. Otherwise, the display options will be applied to entity displays as is.


string $display_context: The display context. Either 'view' or 'form'.

Return value

array|null The array of display options for the field, or NULL if the field is not displayed. The following key/value pairs may be present:

  • label: (string) Position of the field label. The default 'field' theme implementation supports the values 'inline', 'above' and 'hidden'. Defaults to 'above'. Only applies to 'view' context.
  • type: (string) The plugin (widget or formatter depending on $display_context) to use, or 'hidden'. If not specified or if the requested plugin is unknown, the 'default_widget' / 'default_formatter' for the field type will be used.
  • settings: (array) Settings for the plugin specified above. The default settings for the plugin will be used for settings left unspecified.
  • third_party_settings: (array) Settings provided by other extensions through hook_field_formatter_third_party_settings_form().
  • weight: (float) The weight of the element. Not needed if 'type' is 'hidden'.

The defaults of the various display options above get applied by the used entity display.

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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Field/FieldDefinitionInterface.php, line 155


Defines an interface for entity field definitions.




public function getDisplayOptions($display_context);

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