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public static function FieldItemInterface::storageSettingsToConfigData

public static FieldItemInterface::storageSettingsToConfigData(array $settings)

Returns a settings array that can be stored as a configuration value.

For all use cases where field settings are stored and managed as configuration, this method is used to map from the field type's representation of its settings to a representation compatible with deployable configuration. This includes:

  • Array keys at any depth must not contain a ".".
  • Ideally, array keys at any depth are either numeric or can be enumerated as a "mapping" within the configuration schema. While not strictly required, this simplifies configuration translation UIs, configuration migrations between Drupal versions, and other use cases.
  • To support configuration deployments, references to content entities must use UUIDs rather than local IDs.

An example of a conversion between representations might be an "allowed_values" setting that's structured by the field type as a \Drupal\Core\TypedData\OptionsProviderInterface::getPossibleOptions() result (i.e., values as keys and labels as values). For such a use case, in order to comply with the above, this method could convert that representation to a numerically indexed array whose values are sub-arrays with the schema definable keys of "value" and "label".


array $settings: The field's settings in the field type's canonical representation.

Return value

array An array (either the unmodified $settings or a modified representation) that is suitable for storing as a deployable configuration value.

See also



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Field/FieldItemInterface.php, line 294


Interface for entity field items.




public static function storageSettingsToConfigData(array $settings);

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