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public function FieldStorageDefinitionInterface::getSchema

public FieldStorageDefinitionInterface::getSchema()

Returns the field schema.

Note that this method returns an empty array for computed fields which have no schema.

Return value

array[] The field schema, as an array of key/value pairs in the format returned by hook_field_schema():

  • columns: An array of Schema API column specifications, keyed by column name. This specifies what comprises a single value for a given field. No assumptions should be made on how storage backends internally use the original column name to structure their storage.
  • indexes: An array of Schema API index definitions. Some storage backends might not support indexes.
  • foreign keys: An array of Schema API foreign key definitions. Note, however, that depending on the storage backend specified for the field, the field data is not necessarily stored in SQL.


core/lib/Drupal/Core/Field/FieldStorageDefinitionInterface.php, line 250


Defines an interface for entity field storage definitions.




public function getSchema();

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