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class ChainRequestPolicy

Implements a compound request policy.

When evaluating the compound policy, all of the contained rules are applied to the request. The overall result is computed according to the following rules:

<ol> <li>Returns static::DENY if any of the rules evaluated to static::DENY</li> <li>Returns static::ALLOW if at least one of the rules evaluated to static::ALLOW and none to static::DENY</li> <li>Otherwise returns NULL</li> </ol>



core/lib/Drupal/Core/PageCache/ChainRequestPolicy.php, line 21




Name Modifiers Type Description
ChainRequestPolicy::$rules protected property A list of policy rules to apply when this policy is evaluated.
ChainRequestPolicy::addPolicy public function Add a policy to the list of policy rules. Overrides ChainRequestPolicyInterface::addPolicy
ChainRequestPolicy::check public function Determines whether delivery of a cached page should be attempted. Overrides RequestPolicyInterface::check
RequestPolicyInterface::ALLOW constant Allow delivery of cached pages.
RequestPolicyInterface::DENY constant Deny delivery of cached pages.

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