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class AliasManager

The default alias manager implementation.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Path/AliasManager.php, line 13




Name Modifiers Type Description
AliasManager::$cache protected property Cache backend service.
AliasManager::$cacheKey protected property The cache key to use when caching paths.
AliasManager::$cacheNeedsWriting protected property Whether the cache needs to be written.
AliasManager::$langcodePreloaded protected property Whether preloaded path lookups has already been loaded.
AliasManager::$languageManager protected property Language manager for retrieving the default langcode when none is specified.
AliasManager::$lookupMap protected property Holds the map of path lookups per language.
AliasManager::$noAlias protected property Holds an array of paths that have no alias.
AliasManager::$noPath protected property Holds an array of aliases for which no path was found.
AliasManager::$preloadedPathLookups protected property Holds an array of previously looked up paths for the current request path.
AliasManager::$storage protected property The alias storage service.
AliasManager::$whitelist protected property Holds the array of whitelisted path aliases.
AliasManager::cacheClear public function Clear internal caches in alias manager. Overrides AliasManagerInterface::cacheClear
AliasManager::getAliasByPath public function Given a path, return the alias. Overrides AliasManagerInterface::getAliasByPath
AliasManager::getPathByAlias public function Given the alias, return the path it represents. Overrides AliasManagerInterface::getPathByAlias
AliasManager::getRequestTime protected function Wrapper method for REQUEST_TIME constant.
AliasManager::pathAliasWhitelistRebuild protected function Rebuild the path alias white list.
AliasManager::setCacheKey public function Specify the key to use when writing the cache. Overrides CacheDecoratorInterface::setCacheKey
AliasManager::writeCache public function Cache an array of the paths available on each page. We assume that aliases will be needed for the majority of these paths during subsequent requests, and load them in a single query during path alias lookup. Overrides CacheDecoratorInterface::writeCache
AliasManager::__construct public function Constructs an AliasManager.

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