/Drupal 8

class ProxyBuilder

Extend the component proxy builder by using the DependencySerialziationTrait.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/ProxyBuilder/ProxyBuilder.php, line 10




Name Modifiers Type Description
ProxyBuilder::build public function Builds a proxy class string.
ProxyBuilder::buildConstructorMethod protected function Builds the constructor used to inject the actual service ID.
ProxyBuilder::buildLazyLoadItselfMethod protected function Generates the string for the method which loads the actual service.
ProxyBuilder::buildMethod protected function Generates the string representation of a single method: signature, body.
ProxyBuilder::buildMethodBody protected function Builds the body of a wrapped method.
ProxyBuilder::buildParameter protected function Builds a string for a single parameter of a method.
ProxyBuilder::buildProxyClassName public static function Generates the used proxy class name from a given class name.
ProxyBuilder::buildProxyNamespace public static function Generates the used proxy namespace from a given class name.
ProxyBuilder::buildUseStatements protected function {@inheritdoc{ Overrides ProxyBuilder::buildUseStatements

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