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function hook_library_info_alter

hook_library_info_alter(&$libraries, $extension)

Alter libraries provided by an extension.

Allows modules and themes to change libraries' definitions; mostly used to update a library to a newer version, while ensuring backward compatibility. In general, such manipulations should only be done to extend the library's functionality in a backward-compatible way, to avoid breaking other modules and themes that may be using the library.


array $libraries: An associative array of libraries registered by $extension. Keyed by internal library name and passed by reference.

string $extension: Can either be 'core' or the machine name of the extension that registered the libraries.

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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Render/theme.api.php, line 952
Hooks and documentation related to the theme and render system.


function hook_library_info_alter(&$libraries, $extension) {
  // Update Farbtastic to version 2.0.
  if ($extension == 'core' && isset($libraries['jquery.farbtastic'])) {
    // Verify existing version is older than the one we are updating to.
    if (version_compare($libraries['jquery.farbtastic']['version'], '2.0', '<')) {
      // Update the existing Farbtastic to version 2.0.
      $libraries['jquery.farbtastic']['version'] = '2.0';
      // To accurately replace library files, the order of files and the options
      // of each file have to be retained; e.g., like this:
      $old_path = 'assets/vendor/farbtastic';
      // Since the replaced library files are no longer located in a directory
      // relative to the original extension, specify an absolute path (relative
      // to DRUPAL_ROOT / base_path()) to the new location.
      $new_path = '/' . drupal_get_path('module', 'farbtastic_update') . '/js';
      $new_js = array();
      $replacements = array(
        $old_path . '/farbtastic.js' => $new_path . '/farbtastic-2.0.js',
      foreach ($libraries['jquery.farbtastic']['js'] as $source => $options) {
        if (isset($replacements[$source])) {
          $new_js[$replacements[$source]] = $options;
        else {
          $new_js[$source] = $options;
      $libraries['jquery.farbtastic']['js'] = $new_js;

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