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function hook_render_template

hook_render_template($template_file, $variables)

Render a template using the theme engine.


string $template_file: The path (relative to the Drupal root directory) to the template to be rendered including its extension in the format 'path/to/TEMPLATE_NAME.EXT'.

array $variables: A keyed array of variables that are available for composing the output. The theme engine is responsible for passing all the variables to the template. Depending on the code in the template, all or just a subset of the variables might be used in the template.

Return value

string The output generated from the template. In most cases this will be a string containing HTML markup.

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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Render/theme.api.php, line 779
Hooks and documentation related to the theme and render system.


function hook_render_template($template_file, $variables) {
  $twig_service = \Drupal::service('twig');

  return $twig_service->loadTemplate($template_file)->render($variables);

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