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class UrlGenerator

Generates URLs from route names and parameters.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Routing/UrlGenerator.php, line 20




Name Modifiers Type Description
UrlGenerator::$context protected property
UrlGenerator::$decodedChars protected property Overrides characters that will not be percent-encoded in the path segment.
UrlGenerator::$pathProcessor protected property The path processor to convert the system path to one suitable for urls.
UrlGenerator::$requestStack protected property A request stack object.
UrlGenerator::$routeProcessor protected property The route processor.
UrlGenerator::doGenerate protected function Substitute the route parameters into the route path.
UrlGenerator::generate public function
UrlGenerator::generateFromRoute public function Generates a URL or path for a specific route based on the given parameters. Overrides UrlGeneratorInterface::generateFromRoute
UrlGenerator::getContext public function
UrlGenerator::getInternalPathFromRoute protected function Gets the path of a route.
UrlGenerator::getPathFromRoute public function Gets the internal path (system path) for a route. Overrides UrlGeneratorInterface::getPathFromRoute
UrlGenerator::getRoute protected function Find the route using the provided route name.
UrlGenerator::getRouteDebugMessage public function Convert a route identifier (name, content object etc) into a string usable for logging and other debug/error messages Overrides VersatileGeneratorInterface::getRouteDebugMessage
UrlGenerator::isStrictRequirements public function
UrlGenerator::processPath protected function Passes the path to a processor manager to allow alterations.
UrlGenerator::processRoute protected function Passes the route to the processor manager for altering before compilation.
UrlGenerator::setContext public function
UrlGenerator::setStrictRequirements public function
UrlGenerator::supports public function Whether this generator supports the supplied $name. Overrides VersatileGeneratorInterface::supports
UrlGenerator::__construct public function Constructs a new generator object.

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