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protected function LocalStream::getLocalPath

protected LocalStream::getLocalPath($uri = NULL)

Returns the canonical absolute path of the URI, if possible.


string $uri: (optional) The stream wrapper URI to be converted to a canonical absolute path. This may point to a directory or another type of file.

Return value

string|bool If $uri is not set, returns the canonical absolute path of the URI previously set by the Drupal\Core\StreamWrapper\StreamWrapperInterface::setUri() function. If $uri is set and valid for this class, returns its canonical absolute path, as determined by the realpath() function. If $uri is set but not valid, returns FALSE.


core/lib/Drupal/Core/StreamWrapper/LocalStream.php, line 120


Defines a Drupal stream wrapper base class for local files.




protected function getLocalPath($uri = NULL) {
  if (!isset($uri)) {
    $uri = $this->uri;
  $path = $this->getDirectoryPath() . '/' . $this->getTarget($uri);

  // In PHPUnit tests, the base path for local streams may be a virtual
  // filesystem stream wrapper URI, in which case this local stream acts like
  // a proxy. realpath() is not supported by vfsStream, because a virtual
  // file system does not have a real filepath.
  if (strpos($path, 'vfs://') === 0) {
    return $path;

  $realpath = realpath($path);
  if (!$realpath) {
    // This file does not yet exist.
    $realpath = realpath(dirname($path)) . '/' . drupal_basename($path);
  $directory = realpath($this->getDirectoryPath());
  if (!$realpath || !$directory || strpos($realpath, $directory) !== 0) {
    return FALSE;
  return $realpath;

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