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interface TypedDataInterface

Interface for typed data objects.


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Typed Data API
API for describing data based on a set of available data types.


core/lib/Drupal/Core/TypedData/TypedDataInterface.php, line 12




Name Modifiers Type Description
TypedDataInterface::applyDefaultValue public function Applies the default value.
TypedDataInterface::createInstance public static function Constructs a TypedData object given its definition and context.
TypedDataInterface::getConstraints public function Gets a list of validation constraints.
TypedDataInterface::getDataDefinition public function Gets the data definition.
TypedDataInterface::getName public function Returns the name of a property or item.
TypedDataInterface::getParent public function Returns the parent data structure; i.e. either complex data or a list.
TypedDataInterface::getPropertyPath public function Returns the property path of the data.
TypedDataInterface::getRoot public function Returns the root of the typed data tree.
TypedDataInterface::getString public function Returns a string representation of the data.
TypedDataInterface::getValue public function Gets the data value.
TypedDataInterface::setContext public function Sets the context of a property or item via a context aware parent.
TypedDataInterface::setValue public function Sets the data value.
TypedDataInterface::validate public function Validates the currently set data value.

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