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Default theme implementation to navigate books.

Presented under nodes that are a part of book outlines.

Available variables:

  • tree: The immediate children of the current node rendered as an unordered list.
  • current_depth: Depth of the current node within the book outline. Provided for context.
  • prev_url: URL to the previous node.
  • prev_title: Title of the previous node.
  • parent_url: URL to the parent node.
  • parent_title: Title of the parent node. Not printed by default. Provided as an option.
  • next_url: URL to the next node.
  • next_title: Title of the next node.
  • has_links: Flags TRUE whenever the previous, parent or next data has a value.
  • book_id: The book ID of the current outline being viewed. Same as the node ID containing the entire outline. Provided for context.
  • book_url: The book/node URL of the current outline being viewed. Provided as an option. Not used by default.
  • book_title: The book/node title of the current outline being viewed.

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