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function hook_config_translation_info


Introduce dynamic translation tabs for translation of configuration.

This hook augments MODULE.config_translation.yml as well as THEME.config_translation.yml files to collect dynamic translation mapper information. If your information is static, just provide such a YAML file with your module containing the mapping.

Note that while themes can provide THEME.config_translation.yml files this hook is not invoked for themes.


array $info: An associative array of configuration mapper information. Use an entity name for the key (for entity mapping) or a unique string for configuration name list mapping. The values of the associative array are arrays themselves in the same structure as the *.config_translation.yml files.

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core/modules/config_translation/config_translation.api.php, line 34
Hooks provided by the Configuration Translation module.


function hook_config_translation_info(&$info) {
  $entity_manager = \Drupal::entityManager();
  $route_provider = \Drupal::service('router.route_provider');

  // If field UI is not enabled, the base routes of the type
  // "entity.field_config.{$entity_type}_field_edit_form" are not defined.
  if (\Drupal::moduleHandler()->moduleExists('field_ui')) {
    // Add fields entity mappers to all fieldable entity types defined.
    foreach ($entity_manager->getDefinitions() as $entity_type_id => $entity_type) {
      $base_route = NULL;
      try {
        $base_route = $route_provider->getRouteByName('entity.field_config.' . $entity_type_id . '_field_edit_form');
      catch (RouteNotFoundException $e) {
        // Ignore non-existent routes.

      // Make sure entity type has field UI enabled and has a base route.
      if ($entity_type->get('field_ui_base_route') && !empty($base_route)) {
        $info[$entity_type_id . '_fields'] = array(
          'base_route_name' => 'entity.field_config.' . $entity_type_id . '_field_edit_form',
          'entity_type' => 'field_config',
          'title' => t('Title'),
          'class' => '\Drupal\config_translation\ConfigFieldMapper',
          'base_entity_type' => $entity_type_id,
          'weight' => 10,

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