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function hook_config_translation_info_alter


Alter existing translation tabs for translation of configuration.

This hook is useful to extend existing configuration mappers with new configuration names, for example when altering existing forms with new settings stored elsewhere. This allows the translation experience to also reflect the compound form element in one screen.


array $info: An associative array of discovered configuration mappers. Use an entity name for the key (for entity mapping) or a unique string for configuration name list mapping. The values of the associative array are arrays themselves in the same structure as the *.config_translation.yml files.

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core/modules/config_translation/config_translation.api.php, line 83
Hooks provided by the Configuration Translation module.


function hook_config_translation_info_alter(&$info) {
  // Add additional site settings to the site information screen, so it shows
  // up on the translation screen. (Form alter in the elements whose values are
  // stored in this config file using regular form altering on the original
  // configuration form.)
  $info['system.site_information_settings']['names'][] = 'example.site.setting';

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