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function editor_entity_update

editor_entity_update(EntityInterface $entity)

Implements hook_entity_update().


core/modules/editor/editor.module, line 348
Adds bindings for client-side "text editors" to text formats.


function editor_entity_update(EntityInterface $entity) {
  // Only act on content entities.
  if (!($entity instanceof FieldableEntityInterface)) {

  // On new revisions, all files are considered to be a new usage and no
  // deletion of previous file usages are necessary.
  if (!empty($entity->original) && $entity->getRevisionId() != $entity->original->getRevisionId()) {
    $referenced_files_by_field = _editor_get_file_uuids_by_field($entity);
    foreach ($referenced_files_by_field as $field => $uuids) {
      _editor_record_file_usage($uuids, $entity);
  // On modified revisions, detect which file references have been added (and
  // record their usage) and which ones have been removed (delete their usage).
  // File references that existed both in the previous version of the revision
  // and in the new one don't need their usage to be updated.
  else {
    $original_uuids_by_field = _editor_get_file_uuids_by_field($entity->original);
    $uuids_by_field = _editor_get_file_uuids_by_field($entity);

    // Detect file usages that should be incremented.
    foreach ($uuids_by_field as $field => $uuids) {
      $added_files = array_diff($uuids_by_field[$field], $original_uuids_by_field[$field]);
      _editor_record_file_usage($added_files, $entity);

    // Detect file usages that should be decremented.
    foreach ($original_uuids_by_field as $field => $uuids) {
      $removed_files = array_diff($original_uuids_by_field[$field], $uuids_by_field[$field]);
      _editor_delete_file_usage($removed_files, $entity, 1);

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