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function hook_field_storage_config_update_forbid

hook_field_storage_config_update_forbid(\Drupal\field\FieldStorageConfigInterface $field_storage, \Drupal\field\FieldStorageConfigInterface $prior_field_storage)

Forbid a field storage update from occurring.

Any module may forbid any update for any reason. For example, the field's storage module might forbid an update if it would change the storage schema while data for the field exists. A field type module might forbid an update if it would change existing data's semantics, or if there are external dependencies on field settings that cannot be updated.

To forbid the update from occurring, throw a \Drupal\Core\Entity\Exception\FieldStorageDefinitionUpdateForbiddenException.


\Drupal\field\FieldStorageConfigInterface $field_storage: The field storage as it will be post-update.

\Drupal\field\FieldStorageConfigInterface $prior_field_storage: The field storage as it is pre-update.

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core/modules/field/field.api.php, line 81
Field API documentation.


function hook_field_storage_config_update_forbid(\Drupal\field\FieldStorageConfigInterface $field_storage, \Drupal\field\FieldStorageConfigInterface $prior_field_storage) {
  if ($field_storage->module == 'options' && $field_storage->hasData()) {
    // Forbid any update that removes allowed values with actual data.
    $allowed_values = $field_storage->getSetting('allowed_values');
    $prior_allowed_values = $prior_field_storage->getSetting('allowed_values');
    $lost_keys = array_keys(array_diff_key($prior_allowed_values, $allowed_values));
    if (_options_values_in_use($field_storage->getTargetEntityTypeId(), $field_storage->getName(), $lost_keys)) {
      throw new \Drupal\Core\Entity\Exception\FieldStorageDefinitionUpdateForbiddenException(t('A list field (@field_name) with existing data cannot have its keys changed.', array('@field_name' => $field_storage->getName())));

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