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function hook_file_validate

hook_file_validate(Drupal\file\FileInterface $file)

Check that files meet a given criteria.

This hook lets modules perform additional validation on files. They're able to report a failure by returning one or more error messages.


\Drupal\file\FileInterface $file: The file entity being validated.

Return value

array An array of error messages. If there are no problems with the file return an empty array.

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core/modules/file/file.api.php, line 27
Hooks for file module.


function hook_file_validate(Drupal\file\FileInterface $file) {
  $errors = array();

  if (!$file->getFilename()) {
    $errors[] = t("The file's name is empty. Please give a name to the file.");
  if (strlen($file->getFilename()) > 255) {
    $errors[] = t("The file's name exceeds the 255 characters limit. Please rename the file and try again.");

  return $errors;

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