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Default theme implementation to display a list of forums and containers.

Available variables:

  • forums: A collection of forums and containers to display. It is keyed to the numeric IDs of all child forums and containers. Each forum in forums contains:
    • is_container: A flag indicating if the forum can contain other forums. Otherwise, the forum can only contain topics.
    • depth: How deep the forum is in the current hierarchy.
    • zebra: 'even' or 'odd', used for row class.
    • icon_class: 'default' or 'new', used for forum icon class.
    • icon_title: Text alternative for the forum icon.
    • name: The name of the forum.
    • link: The URL to link to this forum.
    • description: The description field for the forum, containing:
      • value: The descriptive text for the forum.
    • new_topics: A flag indicating if the forum contains unread posts.
    • new_url: A URL to the forum's unread posts.
    • new_text: Text for the above URL, which tells how many new posts.
    • old_topics: A count of posts that have already been read.
    • num_posts: The total number of posts in the forum.
    • last_reply: Text representing the last time a forum was posted or commented in.
  • forum_id: Forum ID for the current forum. Parent to all items within the forums array.

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