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Exposes global functionality for creating image styles.




Name Description
image_entity_presave Implements hook_entity_presave().
image_field_config_delete Implements hook_ENTITY_TYPE_delete() for 'field_config'.
image_field_config_update Implements hook_ENTITY_TYPE_update() for 'field_config'.
image_field_storage_config_delete Implements hook_ENTITY_TYPE_delete() for 'field_storage_config'.
image_field_storage_config_update Implements hook_ENTITY_TYPE_update() for 'field_storage_config'.
image_file_download Implements hook_file_download().
image_file_move Implements hook_file_move().
image_file_predelete Implements hook_ENTITY_TYPE_predelete() for file entities.
image_filter_keyword Accepts a keyword (center, top, left, etc) and returns it as a pixel offset.
image_help Implements hook_help().
image_path_flush Clears cached versions of a specific file in all styles.
image_style_options Gets an array of image styles suitable for using as select list options.
image_theme Implements hook_theme().
template_preprocess_image_style Prepares variables for image style templates.


Name Description
IMAGE_DERIVATIVE_TOKEN The name of the query parameter for image derivative tokens.
IMAGE_STORAGE_DEFAULT Deprecated Image style constant for module-defined presets in code.
IMAGE_STORAGE_EDITABLE Deprecated Image style constant to represent an editable preset.
IMAGE_STORAGE_MODULE Deprecated Image style constant to represent any module-based preset.
IMAGE_STORAGE_NORMAL Deprecated Image style constant for user presets in the database.
IMAGE_STORAGE_OVERRIDE Deprecated Image style constant for user presets that override module-defined presets.

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