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function locale_translate_batch_import_files

locale_translate_batch_import_files(array $options, $force = FALSE)

Prepare a batch to import all translations.

@todo Integrate with update status to identify projects needed and integrate l10n_update functionality to feed in translation files alike. See https://www.drupal.org/node/1191488.


array $options: An array with options that can have the following elements:

  • 'langcode': The language code. Optional, defaults to NULL, which means that the language will be detected from the name of the files.
  • 'overwrite_options': Overwrite options array as defined in Drupal\locale\PoDatabaseWriter. Optional, defaults to an empty array.
  • 'customized': Flag indicating whether the strings imported from $file are customized translations or come from a community source. Use LOCALE_CUSTOMIZED or LOCALE_NOT_CUSTOMIZED. Optional, defaults to LOCALE_NOT_CUSTOMIZED.
  • 'finish_feedback': Whether or not to give feedback to the user when the batch is finished. Optional, defaults to TRUE.

bool $force: (optional) Import all available files, even if they were imported before.

Return value

array|bool The batch structure, or FALSE if no files are used to build the batch.


core/modules/locale/locale.bulk.inc, line 39
Mass import-export and batch import functionality for Gettext .po files.


function locale_translate_batch_import_files(array $options, $force = FALSE) {
  $options += array(
    'overwrite_options' => array(),
    'customized' => LOCALE_NOT_CUSTOMIZED,
    'finish_feedback' => TRUE,

  if (!empty($options['langcode'])) {
    $langcodes = array($options['langcode']);
  else {
    // If langcode was not provided, make sure to only import files for the
    // languages we have added.
    $langcodes = array_keys(\Drupal::languageManager()->getLanguages());

  $files = locale_translate_get_interface_translation_files(array(), $langcodes);

  if (!$force) {
    $result = db_select('locale_file', 'lf')
      ->fields('lf', array('langcode', 'uri', 'timestamp'))
      ->condition('langcode', $langcodes)
    foreach ($result as $uri => $info) {
      if (isset($files[$uri]) && filemtime($uri) <= $info->timestamp) {
        // The file is already imported and not changed since the last import.
        // Remove it from file list and don't import it again.
  return locale_translate_batch_build($files, $options);

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