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Default theme implementation for a form element.

Available variables:

  • attributes: HTML attributes for the containing element.
  • errors: (optional) Any errors for this form element, may not be set.
  • prefix: (optional) The form element prefix, may not be set.
  • suffix: (optional) The form element suffix, may not be set.
  • required: The required marker, or empty if the associated form element is not required.
  • type: The type of the element.
  • name: The name of the element.
  • label: A rendered label element.
  • label_display: Label display setting. It can have these values:
    • before: The label is output before the element. This is the default. The label includes the #title and the required marker, if #required.
    • after: The label is output after the element. For example, this is used for radio and checkbox #type elements. If the #title is empty but the field is #required, the label will contain only the required marker.
    • invisible: Labels are critical for screen readers to enable them to properly navigate through forms but can be visually distracting. This property hides the label for everyone except screen readers.
    • attribute: Set the title attribute on the element to create a tooltip but output no label element. This is supported only for checkboxes and radios in \Drupal\Core\Render\Element\CompositeFormElementTrait::preRenderCompositeFormElement(). It is used where a visual label is not needed, such as a table of checkboxes where the row and column provide the context. The tooltip will include the title and required marker.
  • description: (optional) A list of description properties containing:
    • content: A description of the form element, may not be set.
    • attributes: (optional) A list of HTML attributes to apply to the description content wrapper. Will only be set when description is set.
  • description_display: Description display setting. It can have these values:
    • before: The description is output before the element.
    • after: The description is output after the element. This is the default value.
    • invisible: The description is output after the element, hidden visually but available to screen readers.
  • disabled: True if the element is disabled.
  • title_display: Title display setting.

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