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Default theme implementation for the basic structure of a single Drupal page.


  • logged_in: A flag indicating if user is logged in.
  • root_path: The root path of the current page (e.g., node, admin, user).
  • node_type: The content type for the current node, if the page is a node.
  • head_title: List of text elements that make up the head_title variable. May contain or more of the following:
    • title: The title of the page.
    • name: The name of the site.
    • slogan: The slogan of the site.
  • page_top: Initial rendered markup. This should be printed before 'page'.
  • page: The rendered page markup.
  • page_bottom: Closing rendered markup. This variable should be printed after 'page'.
  • db_offline: A flag indicating if the database is offline.
  • placeholder_token: The token for generating head, css, js and js-bottom placeholders.

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