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Default theme implementation for the Appearance page.

Available variables:

  • attributes: HTML attributes for the main container.
  • theme_groups: A list of theme groups. Each theme group contains:
    • attributes: HTML attributes specific to this theme group.
    • title: Title for the theme group.
    • state: State of the theme group, e.g. installed or uninstalled.
    • themes: A list of themes within the theme group. Each theme contains:
      • attributes: HTML attributes specific to this theme.
      • screenshot: A screenshot representing the theme.
      • description: Description of the theme.
      • name: Theme name.
      • version: The theme's version number.
      • is_default: Boolean indicating whether the theme is the default theme or not.
      • is_admin: Boolean indicating whether the theme is the admin theme or not.
      • notes: Identifies what context this theme is being used in, e.g., default theme, admin theme.
      • incompatible: Text describing any compatibility issues.
      • operations: A list of operation links, e.g., Settings, Enable, Disable, etc. these links should only be displayed if the theme is compatible.

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