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Default theme implementation for Views UI build group filter form.

Available variables:

  • form: A render element representing the form. Contains the following:
    • form_description: The exposed filter's description.
    • expose_button: The button to toggle the expose filter form.
    • group_button: Toggle options between single and grouped filters.
    • label: A filter label input field.
    • description: A filter description field.
    • value: The filters available values.
    • optional: A checkbox to require this filter or not.
    • remember: A checkbox to remember selected filter value(s) (per user).
    • widget: Radio Buttons to select the filter widget.
    • add_group: A button to add another row to the table.
    • more: A details element for additional field exposed filter fields.
  • table: A rendered table element of the group filter form.

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