API Processes Description
Accelerator Main Define keyboard shortcuts.
app Main Control your application's event lifecycle.
autoUpdater Main Enable apps to automatically update themselves.
BrowserView Create and control views.
BrowserWindow Main Create and control browser windows.
BrowserWindowProxy Renderer Manipulate the child browser window
Supported Chrome Command Line Switches Main Command line switches supported by Electron.
ClientRequest Main Make HTTP/HTTPS requests.
clipboard Main and Renderer Perform copy and paste operations on the system clipboard.
contentTracing Main Collect tracing data from Chromium's content module for finding performance bottlenecks and slow operations.
Cookies Main Query and modify a session's cookies.
crashReporter Main and Renderer Submit crash reports to a remote server.
Debugger Main An alternate transport for Chrome's remote debugging protocol.
desktopCapturer Renderer Access information about media sources that can be used to capture audio and video from the desktop using the navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia API.
dialog Main Display native system dialogs for opening and saving files, alerting, etc.
DownloadItem Main Control file downloads from remote sources.
Environment Variables Main and Renderer Control application configuration and behavior without changing code.
File Object Renderer Use the HTML5 File API to work natively with files on the filesystem.
Frameless Window Main Open a window without toolbars, borders, or other graphical "chrome".
globalShortcut Main Detect keyboard events when the application does not have keyboard focus.
inAppPurchase In-app purchases on Mac App Store.
IncomingMessage Main Handle responses to HTTP/HTTPS requests.
ipcMain Main Communicate asynchronously from the main process to renderer processes.
ipcRenderer Renderer Communicate asynchronously from a renderer process to the main process.
Locales Main Locale values returned by app.getLocale().
Menu Main Create native application menus and context menus.
MenuItem Main Add items to native application menus and context menus.
nativeImage Main and Renderer Create tray, dock, and application icons using PNG or JPG files.
net Main Issue HTTP/HTTPS requests using Chromium's native networking library
Notification Create OS desktop notifications
powerMonitor Main Monitor power state changes.
powerSaveBlocker Main Block the system from entering low-power (sleep) mode.
process Main and Renderer Extensions to process object.
protocol Main Register a custom protocol and intercept existing protocol requests.
remote Renderer Use main process modules from the renderer process.
sandbox Option Create a browser window with a renderer that can run inside Chromium OS sandbox. With this option enabled, the renderer must communicate via IPC to the main process in order to access node APIs. However, in order to enable the Chromium OS sandbox, electron must be run with the --enable-sandbox command line argument.
screen Main and Renderer Retrieve information about screen size, displays, cursor position, etc.
session Main Manage browser sessions, cookies, cache, proxy settings, etc.
shell Main and Renderer Manage files and URLs using their default applications.
Synopsis Main and Renderer How to use Node.js and Electron APIs.
systemPreferences Main Get system preferences.
TouchBar Main Create TouchBar layouts for native macOS applications
TouchBarButton Main Create a button in the touch bar for native macOS applications
TouchBarColorPicker Main Create a color picker in the touch bar for native macOS applications
TouchBarGroup Main Create a group in the touch bar for native macOS applications
TouchBarLabel Main Create a label in the touch bar for native macOS applications
TouchBarPopover Main Create a popover in the touch bar for native macOS applications
TouchBarScrubber Main Create a scrubber (a scrollable selector)
TouchBarSegmentedControl Main Create a segmented control (a button group) where one button has a selected state
TouchBarSlider Main Create a slider in the touch bar for native macOS applications
TouchBarSpacer Main Create a spacer between two items in the touch bar for native macOS applications
Tray Main Add icons and context menus to the system's notification area.
webContents Main Render and control web pages.
webFrame Renderer Customize the rendering of the current web page.
WebRequest Main Intercept and modify the contents of a request at various stages of its lifetime.
<webview> Tag Display external web content in an isolated frame and process.
window.open Function Renderer Open a new window and load a URL.

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