Class: DownloadItem

Control file downloads from remote sources.

Process: Main

DownloadItem is an EventEmitter that represents a download item in Electron. It is used in will-download event of Session class, and allows users to control the download item.

// In the main process.
  const {BrowserWindow} = require('electron')
  let win = new BrowserWindow()
  win.webContents.session.on('will-download', (event, item, webContents) => {
    // Set the save path, making Electron not to prompt a save dialog.
    item.on('updated', (event, state) => {
      if (state === 'interrupted') {
        console.log('Download is interrupted but can be resumed')
      } else if (state === 'progressing') {
        if (item.isPaused()) {
          console.log('Download is paused')
        } else {
          console.log(`Received bytes: ${item.getReceivedBytes()}`)
    item.once('done', (event, state) => {
      if (state === 'completed') {
        console.log('Download successfully')
      } else {
        console.log(`Download failed: ${state}`)

Instance Events

Event: 'updated'


  • event Event
  • state String - Can be progressing or interrupted.

Emitted when the download has been updated and is not done.

The state can be one of following:

  • progressing - The download is in-progress.
  • interrupted - The download has interrupted and can be resumed.

Event: 'done'


  • event Event
  • state String - Can be completed, cancelled or interrupted.

Emitted when the download is in a terminal state. This includes a completed download, a cancelled download (via downloadItem.cancel()), and interrupted download that can't be resumed.

The state can be one of following:

  • completed - The download completed successfully.
  • cancelled - The download has been cancelled.
  • interrupted - The download has interrupted and can not resume.

Instance Methods

The downloadItem object has the following methods:


  • path String - Set the save file path of the download item.

The API is only available in session's will-download callback function. If user doesn't set the save path via the API, Electron will use the original routine to determine the save path(Usually prompts a save dialog).


Returns String - The save path of the download item. This will be either the path set via downloadItem.setSavePath(path) or the path selected from the shown save dialog.


Pauses the download.


Returns Boolean - Whether the download is paused.


Resumes the download that has been paused.

Note: To enable resumable downloads the server you are downloading from must support range requests and provide both Last-Modified and ETag header values. Otherwise resume() will dismiss previously received bytes and restart the download from the beginning.


Returns Boolean - Whether the download can resume.


Cancels the download operation.


Returns String - The origin url where the item is downloaded from.


Returns String - The files mime type.


Returns Boolean - Whether the download has user gesture.


Returns String - The file name of the download item.

Note: The file name is not always the same as the actual one saved in local disk. If user changes the file name in a prompted download saving dialog, the actual name of saved file will be different.


Returns Integer - The total size in bytes of the download item.

If the size is unknown, it returns 0.


Returns Integer - The received bytes of the download item.


Returns String - The Content-Disposition field from the response header.


Returns String - The current state. Can be progressing, completed, cancelled or interrupted.

Note: The following methods are useful specifically to resume a cancelled item when session is restarted.


Returns String[] - The complete url chain of the item including any redirects.


Returns String - Last-Modified header value.


Returns String - ETag header value.


Returns Double - Number of seconds since the UNIX epoch when the download was started.

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