Upgrading Crashpad

  1. Get the version of crashpad that we're going to use.
  • libcc/src/third_party/crashpad/README.chromium will have a line Revision: with a checksum

    • We need to check out the corresponding branch.
  • Clone Google's crashpad (https://chromium.googlesource.com/crashpad/crashpad)

    • git clone https://chromium.googlesource.com/crashpad/crashpad
  • Check out the branch with the revision checksum:

    • git checkout <revision checksum>
  • Add electron's crashpad fork as a remote

    • git remote add electron https://github.com/electron/crashpad
  • Check out a new branch for the update

    • git checkout -b electron-crashpad-vA.B.C.D
    • A.B.C.D is the Chromium version found in libcc/VERSION and will be something like 62.0.3202.94
  1. Make a checklist of the Electron patches that need to be applied with git log --oneline

  2. For each patch:

  • In electron-crashpad-vA.B.C.D, cherry-pick the patch's checksum

    • git cherry-pick <checksum>
  • Resolve any conflicts
  • Make sure it builds then add, commit, and push work to electron's crashpad fork

    • git push electron electron-crashpad-vA.B.C.D
  1. Update Electron to build the new crashpad:
  • cd vendor/crashpad
  • git fetch
  • git checkout electron-crashpad-v62.0.3202.94
  1. Regenerate Ninja files against both targets
  • From Electron root's root, run script/update.py
  • script/build.py -c D --target=crashpad_client
  • script/build.py -c D --target=crashpad_handler
  • Both should build with no errors
  1. Push changes to submodule reference
  • (From electron root) git add vendor/crashpad
  • git push origin upgrade-to-chromium-62

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