MacOS Dock

Electron has APIs to configure the app's icon in the macOS Dock. A macOS-only API exists to create a custom dock menu, but Electron also uses the app's dock icon to implement cross-platform features like recent documents and application progress.

The custom dock is commonly used to add shortcuts to tasks the user wouldn't want to open the whole app window for.

Dock menu of Terminal.app:

Dock Menu

To set your custom dock menu, you can use the app.dock.setMenu API, which is only available on macOS:

const { app, Menu } = require('electron')
  const dockMenu = Menu.buildFromTemplate([
      label: 'New Window',
      click () { console.log('New Window') }
    }, {
      label: 'New Window with Settings',
      submenu: [
        { label: 'Basic' },
        { label: 'Pro' }
    { label: 'New Command...' }

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