/Elixir 1.11

mix compile

The main entry point to compile source files.

It simply runs the compilers registered in your project and returns a tuple with the compilation status and a list of diagnostics.

Before compiling code, it loads the code in all dependencies and perform a series of checks to ensure the project is up to date.


  • :compilers - compilers to run, defaults to Mix.compilers/0, which are [:yecc, :leex, :erlang, :elixir, :app].

  • :consolidate_protocols - when true, runs protocol consolidation via the compile.protocols task. The default value is true.

  • :build_embedded - when true, embeds all code and priv content in the _build directory instead of using symlinks.

  • :build_path - the directory where build artifacts should be written to. This option is intended only for child apps within a larger umbrella application so that each child app can use the common _build directory of the parent umbrella. In a non-umbrella context, configuring this has undesirable side-effects (such as skipping some compiler checks) and should be avoided.


To see documentation for each specific compiler, you must invoke help directly for the compiler command:

mix help compile.elixir
mix help compile.erlang

You can get a list of all compilers by running:

mix compile --list

Command line options

  • --erl-config - path to an Erlang term file that will be loaded as Mix config
  • --force - forces compilation
  • --list - lists all enabled compilers
  • --no-app-loading - does not load applications (including from deps) before compiling
  • --no-archives-check - skips checking of archives
  • --no-compile - does not actually compile, only loads code and perform checks
  • --no-deps-check - skips checking of dependencies
  • --no-elixir-version-check - does not check Elixir version
  • --no-protocol-consolidation - skips protocol consolidation
  • --no-validate-compile-env - does not validate the application compile environment
  • --return-errors - returns error status and diagnostics instead of exiting on error




compilers(config \\ Mix.Project.config())

Returns all compilers.

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