Ember.ViewMixin (private)

Defined in: packages/ember-views/lib/mixins/view_support.js:12
Module: ember

didInsertElement public

Called when the element of the view has been inserted into the DOM. Override this function to do any set up that requires an element in the document body.

When a view has children, didInsertElement will be called on the child view(s) first and on itself afterwards.

willClearRender public

Called when the view is about to rerender, but before anything has been torn down. This is a good opportunity to tear down any manual observers you have installed based on the DOM state

willDestroyElement public

Called when the element of the view is going to be destroyed. Override this function to do any teardown that requires an element, like removing event listeners.

Please note: any property changes made during this event will have no effect on object observers.

willInsertElement public

Called when a view is going to insert an element into the DOM.

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