Ember.ViewMixin (private)

Defined in: packages/ember-views/lib/mixins/view_support.js:12
Module: ember

$ (selector) JQuery public

a jQuery-compatible selector string
the jQuery object for the DOM node

Returns a jQuery object for this view's element. If you pass in a selector string, this method will return a jQuery object, using the current element as its buffer.

For example, calling view.$('li') will return a jQuery object containing all of the li elements inside the DOM element of this view.

rerender public

Renders the view again. This will work regardless of whether the view is already in the DOM or not. If the view is in the DOM, the rendering process will be deferred to give bindings a chance to synchronize.

If children were added during the rendering process using appendChild, rerender will remove them, because they will be added again if needed by the next render.

In general, if the display of your view changes, you should modify the DOM element directly instead of manually calling rerender, which can be slow.

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