/GCC 11

6.60.9 ARM ARMv8-M Security Extensions

GCC implements the ARMv8-M Security Extensions as described in the ARMv8-M Security Extensions: Requirements on Development Tools Engineering Specification, which can be found at https://developer.arm.com/documentation/ecm0359818/latest/.

As part of the Security Extensions GCC implements two new function attributes: cmse_nonsecure_entry and cmse_nonsecure_call.

As part of the Security Extensions GCC implements the intrinsics below. FPTR is used here to mean any function pointer type.

cmse_address_info_t cmse_TT (void *)
cmse_address_info_t cmse_TT_fptr (FPTR)
cmse_address_info_t cmse_TTT (void *)
cmse_address_info_t cmse_TTT_fptr (FPTR)
cmse_address_info_t cmse_TTA (void *)
cmse_address_info_t cmse_TTA_fptr (FPTR)
cmse_address_info_t cmse_TTAT (void *)
cmse_address_info_t cmse_TTAT_fptr (FPTR)
void * cmse_check_address_range (void *, size_t, int)
typeof(p) cmse_nsfptr_create (FPTR p)
intptr_t cmse_is_nsfptr (FPTR)
int cmse_nonsecure_caller (void)

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