/GCC 11 Basic PowerPC Built-in Functions Available on ISA 2.06

The basic built-in functions described in this section are available on the PowerPC family of processors starting with ISA 2.05 or later. Unless specific options are explicitly disabled on the command line, specifying option -mcpu=power7 has the effect of enabling all the same options as for -mcpu=power6 in addition to the -maltivec, -mpopcntd, and -mvsx options.

The following basic built-in functions require -mpopcntd:

unsigned int __builtin_addg6s (unsigned int, unsigned int);
long long __builtin_bpermd (long long, long long);
unsigned int __builtin_cbcdtd (unsigned int);
unsigned int __builtin_cdtbcd (unsigned int);
long long __builtin_divde (long long, long long);
unsigned long long __builtin_divdeu (unsigned long long, unsigned long long);
int __builtin_divwe (int, int);
unsigned int __builtin_divweu (unsigned int, unsigned int);
vector __int128 __builtin_pack_vector_int128 (long long, long long);
void __builtin_rs6000_speculation_barrier (void);
long long __builtin_unpack_vector_int128 (vector __int128, signed char);

Of these, the __builtin_divde and __builtin_divdeu functions require a 64-bit environment.

The following basic built-in functions, which are also supported on x86 targets, require -mfloat128.

__float128 __builtin_fabsq (__float128);
__float128 __builtin_copysignq (__float128, __float128);
__float128 __builtin_infq (void);
__float128 __builtin_huge_valq (void);
__float128 __builtin_nanq (void);
__float128 __builtin_nansq (void);

__float128 __builtin_sqrtf128 (__float128);
__float128 __builtin_fmaf128 (__float128, __float128, __float128);

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