/GCC 11 Directly-Mapped Integer Functions

The functions listed below map directly to FR-V I-type instructions.

Function prototype Example usage Assembly output
sw1 __ADDSS (sw1, sw1) c = __ADDSS (a, b) ADDSS a,b,c
sw1 __SCAN (sw1, sw1) c = __SCAN (a, b) SCAN a,b,c
sw1 __SCUTSS (sw1) b = __SCUTSS (a) SCUTSS a,b
sw1 __SLASS (sw1, sw1) c = __SLASS (a, b) SLASS a,b,c
void __SMASS (sw1, sw1) __SMASS (a, b) SMASS a,b
void __SMSSS (sw1, sw1) __SMSSS (a, b) SMSSS a,b
void __SMU (sw1, sw1) __SMU (a, b) SMU a,b
sw2 __SMUL (sw1, sw1) c = __SMUL (a, b) SMUL a,b,c
sw1 __SUBSS (sw1, sw1) c = __SUBSS (a, b) SUBSS a,b,c
uw2 __UMUL (uw1, uw1) c = __UMUL (a, b) UMUL a,b,c

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