/GCC 11

6.33.19 MicroBlaze Function Attributes

These function attributes are supported on MicroBlaze targets:


Use this attribute to indicate that the function is an interrupt handler. All volatile registers (in addition to non-volatile registers) are saved in the function prologue. If the function is a leaf function, only volatiles used by the function are saved. A normal function return is generated instead of a return from interrupt.


Use this attribute to indicate that the specified function is a break handler. The compiler generates function entry and exit sequences suitable for use in an break handler when this attribute is present. The return from break_handler is done through the rtbd instead of rtsd.

void f () __attribute__ ((break_handler));

These attributes indicate that the specified function is an interrupt handler. Use the fast_interrupt attribute to indicate handlers used in low-latency interrupt mode, and interrupt_handler for interrupts that do not use low-latency handlers. In both cases, GCC emits appropriate prologue code and generates a return from the handler using rtid instead of rtsd.

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