/GCC 11

3.19.38 PDP-11 Options

These options are defined for the PDP-11:


Use hardware FPP floating point. This is the default. (FIS floating point on the PDP-11/40 is not supported.) Implies -m45.


Do not use hardware floating point.


Return floating-point results in ac0 (fr0 in Unix assembler syntax).


Return floating-point results in memory. This is the default.


Generate code for a PDP-11/40. Implies -msoft-float -mno-split.


Generate code for a PDP-11/45. This is the default.


Generate code for a PDP-11/10. Implies -msoft-float -mno-split.


Use 16-bit int. This is the default.


Use 32-bit int.


Target has split instruction and data space. Implies -m45.


Use Unix assembler syntax.


Use DEC assembler syntax.


Use GNU assembler syntax. This is the default.


Use the new LRA register allocator. By default, the old “reload” allocator is used.

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