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6.58 Cilk Plus C/C++ Language Extension Built-in Functions

GCC provides support for the following built-in reduction functions if Cilk Plus is enabled. Cilk Plus can be enabled using the -fcilkplus flag.

  • __sec_implicit_index
  • __sec_reduce
  • __sec_reduce_add
  • __sec_reduce_all_nonzero
  • __sec_reduce_all_zero
  • __sec_reduce_any_nonzero
  • __sec_reduce_any_zero
  • __sec_reduce_max
  • __sec_reduce_min
  • __sec_reduce_max_ind
  • __sec_reduce_min_ind
  • __sec_reduce_mul
  • __sec_reduce_mutating

Further details and examples about these built-in functions are described in the Cilk Plus language manual which can be found at https://www.cilkplus.org.

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