/GNU Fortran 10

8.2.29 _gfortran_caf_atomic_ref — Atomic variable reference


Reference atomically a value of a kind-4 integer or logical variable.


void _gfortran_caf_atomic_ref (caf_token_t token, size_t offset, int image_index, void *value, int *stat, int type, int kind)

token intent(in) An opaque pointer identifying the coarray.
offset intent(in) By which amount of bytes the actual data is shifted compared to the base address of the coarray.
image_index intent(in) The ID of the remote image; must be a positive number; zero indicates the current image when used noncoindexed.
value intent(out) The variable assigned the atomically referenced variable.
stat intent(out) Stores the status STAT= and may be NULL.
type the data type, i.e. BT_INTEGER (1) or BT_LOGICAL (2).
kind The kind value (only 4; always int)

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