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4.3 Status of Fortran 2018 support

  • ERROR STOP in a PURE procedure An ERROR STOP statement is permitted in a PURE procedure.
  • IMPLICIT NONE with a spec-list Support the IMPLICIT NONE statement with an implicit-none-spec-list.
  • Behavior of INQUIRE with the RECL= specifier

    The behavior of the INQUIRE statement with the RECL= specifier now conforms to Fortran 2018.

4.3.1 TS 29113 Status (Further Interoperability with C)

GNU Fortran supports some of the new features of the Technical Specification (TS) 29113 on Further Interoperability of Fortran with C. The wiki has some information about the current TS 29113 implementation status. In particular, the following is implemented.

See also Further Interoperability of Fortran with C.

  • The OPTIONAL attribute is allowed for dummy arguments of BIND(C) procedures.
  • The RANK intrinsic is supported.
  • GNU Fortran’s implementation for variables with ASYNCHRONOUS attribute is compatible with TS 29113.
  • Assumed types (TYPE(*)).
  • Assumed-rank (DIMENSION(..)).
  • ISO_Fortran_binding (now in Fortran 2018 18.4) is implemented such that conversion of the array descriptor for assumed type or assumed rank arrays is done in the library. The include file ISO_Fortran_binding.h is can be found in ~prefix/lib/gcc/$target/$version.

4.3.2 TS 18508 Status (Additional Parallel Features)

GNU Fortran supports the following new features of the Technical Specification 18508 on Additional Parallel Features in Fortran:

  • The new atomic ADD, CAS, FETCH and ADD/OR/XOR, OR and XOR intrinsics.
  • The CO_MIN and CO_MAX and SUM reduction intrinsics. And the CO_BROADCAST and CO_REDUCE intrinsic, except that those do not support polymorphic types or types with allocatable, pointer or polymorphic components.

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