The reset command causes all graph-related options that can be set with the set command to return to their default values. This command can be used to restore the default settings after executing a loaded command file, or to return to a defined state after lots of settings have been changed.

The following are not affected by reset.

`set term` `set output` `set loadpath` `set fontpath` `set linetype`
`set encoding` `set decimalsign` `set locale` `set psdir` `set fit`
`set multiplot`

Note that reset does not necessarily return settings to the state they were in at program entry, because the default values may have been altered by commands in the initialization files gnuplotrc or $HOME/.gnuplot. However, these commands can be re-executed by using the variant command reset session.

reset session deletes any user-defined variables and functions, restores default settings, and then re-executes the system-wide gnuplotrc initialization file and any private $HOME/.gnuplot preferences file. See initialization.

reset errors clears only the error state variables GPVAL_ERRNO and GPVAL_ERRMSG.

reset bind restores all hotkey bindings to their default state.

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Distributed under the gnuplot license (rights to distribute modified versions are withheld).