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Inherits: Material < Resource < Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

A material for CanvasItems.

Member Variables

  • BlendMode blend_mode - The manner in which a material’s rendering is applied to underlying textures.
  • LightMode light_mode - The manner in which material reacts to lighting.


enum LightMode

  • LIGHT_MODE_NORMAL = 0 — Render the material using both light and non-light sensitive material properties.
  • LIGHT_MODE_UNSHADED = 1 — Render the material as if there were no light.
  • LIGHT_MODE_LIGHT_ONLY = 2 — Render the material as if there were only light.

enum BlendMode

  • BLEND_MODE_MIX = 0 — Mix blending mode. Colors are assumed to be independent of the alpha (opacity) value.
  • BLEND_MODE_ADD = 1 — Additive blending mode.
  • BLEND_MODE_SUB = 2 — Subtractive blending mode.
  • BLEND_MODE_MUL = 3 — Multiplicative blending mode.
  • BLEND_MODE_PREMULT_ALPHA = 4 — Mix blending mode. Colors are assumed to be premultiplied by the alpha (opacity) value.


CanvasItemMaterials provide a means of modifying the textures associated with a CanvasItem. They specialize in describing blend and lighting behaviors for textures. Use a ShaderMaterial to more fully customize a material’s interactions with a CanvasItem.

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