/Godot 3.0


Inherits: Button < BaseButton < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Button that pops out a ColorPicker.

Member Functions

ColorPicker get_picker ( ) const
PopupPanel get_popup ( ) const


color_changed ( Color color )

Emitted when the color changes.

Member Variables

  • Color color - The currently selected color.
  • bool edit_alpha - If true the alpha channel in the displayed ColorPicker will be visible. Default value: true.


Encapsulates a ColorPicker making it accesible by pressing a button, pressing the button will toggle the ColorPicker visibility

Member Function Description

ColorPicker get_picker ( ) const

Returns the ColorPicker that this ColorPickerButton toggles.

PopupPanel get_popup ( ) const

Returns the control’s PopupPanel which allows you to connect to Popup Signals. This allows you to handle events when the ColorPicker is shown or hidden.

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