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Inherits: ConfirmationDialog < AcceptDialog < WindowDialog < Popup < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Dialog for selecting files or directories in the filesystem.

Member Functions

void add_filter ( String filter )
void clear_filters ( )
void deselect_items ( )
VBoxContainer get_vbox ( )
void invalidate ( )


dir_selected ( String dir )

Event emitted when the user selects a directory.

file_selected ( String path )

Event emitted when the user selects a file (double clicks it or presses the OK button).

files_selected ( PoolStringArray paths )

Event emitted when the user selects multiple files.

Member Variables

  • Access access
  • String current_dir - The current working directory of the file dialog.
  • String current_file - The currently selected file of the file dialog.
  • String current_path - The currently selected file path of the file dialog.
  • PoolStringArray filters
  • Mode mode
  • bool mode_overrides_title - If true, changing the mode property will set the window title accordingly (e. g. setting mode to MODE_OPEN_FILE will change the window title to “Open a File”).
  • bool show_hidden_files


enum Access

  • ACCESS_RESOURCES = 0 — The dialog allows the selection of file and directory.
  • ACCESS_USERDATA = 1 — The dialog allows access files under Resource path(res://) .
  • ACCESS_FILESYSTEM = 2 — The dialog allows access files in whole file system.

enum Mode

  • MODE_OPEN_FILE = 0 — The dialog allows the selection of one, and only one file.
  • MODE_OPEN_FILES = 1 — The dialog allows the selection of multiple files.
  • MODE_OPEN_DIR = 2 — The dialog functions as a folder selector, disallowing the selection of any file.
  • MODE_OPEN_ANY = 3 — The dialog allows the selection of a file or a directory.
  • MODE_SAVE_FILE = 4 — The dialog will warn when a file exists.


FileDialog is a preset dialog used to choose files and directories in the filesystem. It supports filter masks.

Member Function Description

void add_filter ( String filter )

Add a custom filter. Filter format is: “mask ; description”, example (C++): dialog->add_filter(“*.png ; PNG Images”);

void clear_filters ( )

Clear all the added filters in the dialog.

void deselect_items ( )

VBoxContainer get_vbox ( )

Return the vertical box container of the dialog, custom controls can be added to it.

void invalidate ( )

Invalidate and update the current dialog content list.

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