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Inherits: WindowDialog < Popup < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Inherited By: ConfirmationDialog

Category: Core

Brief Description

Base dialog for user notification.


bool dialog_hide_on_ok
String dialog_text


Button add_button ( String text, bool right=false, String action=”” )
Button add_cancel ( String name )
Label get_label ( )
Button get_ok ( )
void register_text_enter ( Node line_edit )


confirmed ( )

Emitted when the dialog is accepted, i.e. the OK button is pressed.

custom_action ( String action )

Emitted when a custom button is pressed. See add_button.


This dialog is useful for small notifications to the user about an event. It can only be accepted or closed, with the same result.

Property Descriptions

bool dialog_hide_on_ok

Setter set_hide_on_ok(value)
Getter get_hide_on_ok()

If true, the dialog is hidden when the OK button is pressed. You can set it to false if you want to do e.g. input validation when receiving the confirmed signal, and handle hiding the dialog in your own logic. Default value: true.

Note: Some nodes derived from this class can have a different default value, and potentially their own built-in logic overriding this setting. For example FileDialog defaults to false, and has its own input validation code that is called when you press OK, which eventually hides the dialog if the input is valid. As such this property can’t be used in FileDialog to disable hiding the dialog when pressing OK.

String dialog_text

Setter set_text(value)
Getter get_text()

The text displayed by this dialog.

Method Descriptions

Button add_button ( String text, bool right=false, String action=”” )

Adds a button with label text and a custom action to the dialog and returns the created button. action will be passed to the custom_action signal when pressed.

If true, right will place the button to the right of any sibling buttons. Default value: false.

Button add_cancel ( String name )

Adds a button with label name and a cancel action to the dialog and returns the created button.

Label get_label ( )

Returns the label used for built-in text.

Button get_ok ( )

Returns the OK Button.

void register_text_enter ( Node line_edit )

Registers a LineEdit in the dialog. When the enter key is pressed, the dialog will be accepted.

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