/Godot 3.1


Inherits: Node2D < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Node that represents collision shape data in 2D space.


bool disabled
bool one_way_collision
float one_way_collision_margin
Shape2D shape


Editor facility for creating and editing collision shapes in 2D space. You can use this node to represent all sorts of collision shapes, for example, add this to an Area2D to give it a detection shape, or add it to a PhysicsBody2D to create a solid object. IMPORTANT: this is an Editor-only helper to create shapes, use CollisionObject2D.shape_owner_get_shape to get the actual shape.


Property Descriptions

bool disabled

Setter set_disabled(value)
Getter is_disabled()

A disabled collision shape has no effect in the world.

bool one_way_collision

Setter set_one_way_collision(value)
Getter is_one_way_collision_enabled()

Sets whether this collision shape should only detect collision on one side (top or bottom).

float one_way_collision_margin

Setter set_one_way_collision_margin(value)
Getter get_one_way_collision_margin()

Shape2D shape

Setter set_shape(value)
Getter get_shape()

The actual shape owned by this collision shape.

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